Yard Grading Services

If you want your lawn to be level and presentable, contact East Penn Landscaping for their yard grading services. If your lawn is not level, it will be very noticeable and very unattractive at all times. There are many other reasons for yard grading besides enhancing the beauty of your lawn. Landscaping shouldn’t also be a reason you should give think about grading your yard. Having a properly graded lawn will protect your property and help maintain an aesthetic shape. If your lawn slopes toward the foundation of your home, water will flow up to the side of your property.

The result in an uneven yard will lead to a damaged foundation. Depending on how severe the yard is, damage can lead to levels below the foundation such as your basement. Once East Penn Landscaping properly levels your yard, we will ensure that the flow of water will always be away from your property at all times. If you are planning to make any additions or improve any portion of your landscaping, it is a must that essential that yard grading must be done so the addition can be in the most precise manner possible. Additions such as decks, patios, or walkways will require a level surface. East Penn Landscaping is here to assist you with preparing your yard in a professional manner that will also be worth every penny in the future.

Yard Grading Process

  • First we will start by removing everything around the foundation of the yard. You can reseed to establish a new lawn or reuse the grass.
  • A row of wooden stakes will be placed into the ground so the yard can drain properly. The stakes will be placed every ten feet creating a slope line from your home to the edge of your property.
  • The string will be attached to each row of the stakes from the highest point at the ground level. The mark will have to be raised higher to allow drainage away from your property.
  • Locate the highest point in your yard, and place the strings at that point at ground level. Level the strings on each row to match that height. Your lawn, closer to the house, will need to be raised higher than this mark in order to drain water away from the house.
  • Our team will then raise the last section of string that is right next to the house six inches above the section that is behind it. The furthest angle from your home will never be less than a six inch drop.
  • Our team will then fill the entire area with dirt so that the soil is up to the string lines and then smooth out the area with a rake.
  • Next we will pack down the soil by rolling the yard with our lawn roller which will pack the soil beneath the lines.
  • After we roll the entire lawn we will add topsoil on the dirt and then roll the lawn one last time.
  • After we remove our wooden stakes we will water the soil and either reseed the lawn or lay the grass back down. Whichever option you decide, your lawn will still look better than ever.