Sod Installation

With quality products and lots of experience, sod installation is one of our specialties. Starting from seed, our thick, weed-free sod is grown by professionals. We always cut within the same 24 hours it’s installed at your location. Besides the sod itself, we supply enriched topsoil, grading work and soil preparation to ensure your lawn is perfect. When necessary, we remove your old lawn, rocks, and weeds to start fresh.


Sod Installation Process

1. First Day SOD of Installation

Here at East Penn landscaping soil preparation is the most important part of the installation process. We make sure every yard has a perfect grade and that the soil is conditioned. We will add enriched top soil or any amendments that your soil may need.

2. Removal and Prep

All of the sod we use is freshly cut and grown daily at local sod farms. This will make the fresh sod stand out to all of your neighbors and guests.

3. Our SOD

After our lawn prep is complete, we will create an area for landscape beds, boarders and curves.

4. Curves and Borders

Once soil grading and lawn prep is finished. Before sod is installed we make out areas for landscape beds, and curves and borders.

5. Installation of the SOD

Our crew will always place sod pieces tight against each other in a brick like a pattern. Once the sod is laid, each yard is rolled with a weighted lawn roller. This will ensure all air pockets are removed and that the sod adheres to the soil.

6. Final Walkthrough

Towards the end of the job, we encourage our customers to verify the job and details. Once the customer is satisfied with our work, we will hand them a sod care tips sheet to maintain their beautiful yard.