Landscaping Maintenance

Keeping your lawn and landscape looking healthy and overall presentable is a job East Penn Landscaping will take care of for you. Our professional team will provide an abundant amount of lawn care services designed to ensure your landscape looks spectacular all seasons of the year. 

A great plan is to regularly schedule our lawn care maintenance to keep your lawn healthy rather than waiting until your lawn becomes unhealthy or damaged beyond repair. Our experienced professional staff and high-quality tools that we maintain on a regular basis, will keep your landscape vibrant and aesthetic all year round.







At East Penn Landscaping services we will lay the mulch of your choice over the top layer of soil and also around your plants that are located in your landscape. The major benefit of mulching is the prevention of weeds from growing and will also minimize soil compaction during the harsh seasons of Pennsylvania. Mulching also provides an extensive amount of nutrition onto the soil and will also help maintain an even temperature throughout the soil.
Mulch retains moisture from the water it receives by allowing the roots of your plants to maximize most of the water. Mulch is also a great way to make your yard look much more presentable than ever.


Shrub trimming is a common task that most homeowners tend to avoid. Most homeowners say they are unsure how to correctly trim their shrubs and do not want to damage their plant. People neglect their shrubs until they’re overgrown and messy, which won’t bring out the beauty in the flowers and leaves that originally made the plant stand out.

Instead of stressing about ruining your shrubs, lets us take care of this for you. East Penn Landscaping is here to make your shrubs look presentable while also helping you expand your knowledge on the topic. Our dedicated workers will give your landscape a great finishing touch by ensuring that your shrubs will look incredible during the warmer seasons.