Adding landscaping lights will give your yard an additional finishing touch. This is not only an essential part of any full landscaping design but also increases outdoor security and safety. We offer different types of lighting options including timers, remote controls, and switches for the customer's personal preference. Creative landscape lighting can also emphasize architectural design all around your home. Technology has improved tremendously which allowed outdoor lighting systems to become much more efficient. Some major improvement is the amount of light that is produced, the lifespans on the equipment when facing harsh conditions such as major precipitation and freezing temperatures. Here at East Penn landscaping, our experts will help you create the exact design you have been envisioning. Whether you’re going for a romantic look or a softy lit garden pathway, we can make it possible.


Why should you have outdoor lights installed? 

Security – Landscape lighting provides security by lighting up your home to become less of a theft target.

Safety – Lighting provides safety by ensuring you can see around all angles of your home at night.

Appeal – The addition of these lights will make your home look spectacular while also increasing the value of your property. You will also be able to use your deck, patio or even your pool after dark.






Keeping your home safe and secure at all times is very important but most crucial during the night. Landscape lighting will give great guidance and a safe pathway for you and any guests that visit your home. When a home has the proper lighting, it will add security and safety that will prevent thieves from targeting your home. Outdoor lighting is perfect for stairs, pathways, walkways, driveways and even into your landscape


Outdoor lighting enhances all nighttime activities, ranging from socializing in your backyard or just relaxing with your family. The addition of lighting can provide a romantic time for you and your spouse, or spending quality time with your family and friends. Outdoor lighting will also be a complement to your patio, pool or deck.



Exterior landscape lighting will enhance the beauty of your home while adding curb appeal, depending on where they are installed. Landscape lighting can be placed around your walkways, driveway, and landscape, to bring out your yards true beauty. East Penn Landscaping will assist you with picking the best lighting and arrangement to accent your home in a noticeable way.

Our Process


The Process

1. Consultation and Evaluation

Our professionally trained landscape designer will come to your location to evaluate your project at no cost to you. Once we gather the details we will also provide you with your free estimate.

2. Lighting Design and Plan

Our designers will help you create a plan based on your budget and timeframe, to enhance your property. The quote we write up for you will include the lighting equipment, plan of installation, and all other services included.

3. Installation Process

We will inspect your yard one last time and then begin the installation process.

4. Lighting Maintenance

Our goal is to make sure your lighting system looks just good as the day it was installed. If you have any issues with your lighting system after installation, please contact East Penn Landscaping at