A hydroseed lawn is an inexpensive and very efficient alternative to using sod in areas where a living lawn is desired. However, it’s not without drawbacks. Any kind of seeded lawn takes more maintenance to establish than sod. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of choosing a hydroseeded lawn.


  • Choosing your seed- A primary benefit of hydroseeded lawns is that you can choose whatever seed blend you’d like to use will will give the best results to your lawn. Some interfering conditions such as shade, or uneven soil be by assisted by choosing a seed blend that will best suit your lawn.
  • Saves money on large areas of grass - Once we have the material set up in our hydroseeding machine, it takes very little time to spray lawn over. With a minimal amount of labor hydroseeding is a cost effective solution for large properties and people that have a specific budget.
  • Much more appealing look - While sod installation is often chosen for its variety, you can choose whatever seed varieties you like when hydroseeding. Overtime a much more finer-bladed grass will be grown all across your lawn, therefore seeding is the way to go.

Hydro Seeding can also be known as Hydromulching. It is a fast, efficient and cost effective way to have a brand new lawn that will looking appealing as ever. This application is quickly becoming more and more popular around the world to transform your lawn into a new look. Hydroseeding is an inexpensive alternative to installing SOD in areas where your lawn needs to be restored.

The formula of hydroseeding consists of grass seed, fertilizer and hydraulic mulch that are mixed into a thick mixture, which will be evenly sprayed onto your prepared soil. It is always recommended to use a thick layer of premium quality wood mulch, which will classify the entire process as Hydro Mulching.

Once your lawn has been hydro-seeded, the grass seed and fertilizer are protected by a green layer of hydro mulch. This layer will seal in all moisture and prevents rain from eroding the soil and washing away the seeds. Since the seeds will be soaked with water in the mix, a much faster process will occur. East Penn Landscaping uses the best Hydro Seeding mixture and to provide a full yard transformation.

Hydroseeding is very popular and is becoming the fastest and most cost-effective way to establish a lush green lawn. During this process, each and every seed is will be embedded and protected in a mulch mat. During this process, you will not have to worry about your seeds getting washed away. The seeds will be securely in place by the mulch fibers, which will create extensive growth and health. Overall this procedure will produce a high-quality lawn without a high price tag. After we finish this process, you should start to see results after one week. In about one month you will have a full green lawn that will look better than ever! Let the results speak for themselves, here at East Penn Landscaping services.