Commercial Snow Removal

During the harsh winter months in Pennsylvania, it is crucial to have a reliable snow removal company that will get the job done. East Penn services specialize in commercial snow removal to keep your business looking presentable and safe during snowy conditions. We are by your side all hours when it comes to snow removal, keeping your business clear of snow and ice after all storms. Services such as plowing, shoveling, snow blowing and de-icing will be done so your customers and employees can readily access the building. To ensure complete safety we will also shovel/salt sidewalks and main entrances. You can count on East Penn Landscaping for all of your snow removal needs.

Services we offer

  • Snow plowing
  • Shoveling/ Snow blowing
  • De-icing
  • Sidewalk clearing





Snow Removal

Snow plowing is our most common Winter maintenance service. ​Parking lots are one of the most important areas that must be clear during snowy conditions. Offering your customers a place to park while they are occupied with your service, and also ensuring that your employees have a place to park is crucial for opening when weather conditions aren’t up to par. Messy parking lots will not attract customer and leave employees without a place to park which will lead to less time growing your business. No matter the business you run, East Penn Services wills always get the job done as efficient as possible. We’re here to remove your snowy parking lot and even haul away your snow, to optimize space for all of your customers.

When most people are inquiring for commercial snow removal, they only think of snow plowing but East Penn Services offers much more than that. Your sidewalks and entryways need to be clear for both your workers and guests. Equipment suchs as snow blowers and shovels will be used for cleaning up light accumulations and others.

Sidewalk surfaces can become very hazardous after storms. When temperatures start to get even more frigid during some storms, ice will form underneath the snow . Ice is much more difficult to clear than the snow, therefore our team will prevent it from sticking to the pavement in the first place. We will use a deicing formurmula that has been proven to get the job done. Our crew will be proactive by coating the surfaces of your sidewalks and entryways before a storm hits, for safety procuations before a storm actually hits.

All snow storms can vary on the accumulation and temperature. When storms are below freezing and heavier that will most likely result in thicker ice below the snow. Our deicing process will be determined by the amount of ice accumulated, along with the current temperature. Our experienced team will decide on the proper amount of deicing material that should be applied to get the job done. East Penn Landscaping guarantees that our services will be gone in an efficient manner to keep you and your business safe and readily accessible, even if it reaches sub-zero temperatures.